Saturday October 18, 2014.  New Salem Corn Maze.  4:00-9:00PM

Don't miss this one! Let the creative minds behind Michigan's best beer, wine, cider, mead, and spirits personally take you on a color tour and treat your taste buds the full flavors of Fall. Do you like going to "Craft Beer Festivals" that serve beer you can buy at the corner store with some pocket change?...then YOU WON"T LIKE THIS FESTIVAL!                            Proceeds benefit Help CP Kids. 

GET TICKETS NOW & SAVE $5.00 from day of show!


Beer City Festivals in Grand Rapids

-Elk Brewing Co.

-Bell's Brewery

​-Peoples Cider Co.

-Pike 51 Brewing Co.

-New Holland Brewing Co.

-Hideout Brewing Co.

-White Flame Brewing Co.

-Cellar Brewing Co.

-Midland Brewing Co.

​-Crankers Brewery

-Hudsonville Winery

-Rochester Mills

-Our Brewing co.

-Right Brain



-and many more

Live Music

- Stone Thrown

- Fled Five 

- The Boss Mustangs

Food Options 

- RnR Comfort Foods

- Whistle Punk Pizza